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I have been a therapist for the past 28 years. My main areas of practice have been Couple & Family Therapy and Therapy for Men. I've run Men's Relationship & Communication groups steadily since 1978. I've provided mentoring and counseling for over one thousand men, focusing primarily on teaching healthier ways to be in relationship with their significant others and children.

I've also spent a large chunk of the past 20 years as a consultant, coach and communication skills teacher to employees of a wide variety of supervisors and executives at corporations such as: Sylvania, Aetna, USA Today, Compaq, Merrill Lynch, Hewitt Packard, Fidelity Investments, Social Security Administration, Teamsters etc.

In my personal life, I've been married for 29 years and am blessed with the the opportunity to love and care for two sons.

My basic philosophy in my personal life and in my work with men is: If it is in your heart to have a satisfying relationship, then you must devote the necessary time and commitment to getting the tools to do it right. Beyond that, if being a father or step-father is "where it's at" for you, you've got to upgrade your communication ability. There's no getting around it!

Here's the ultimate question; At the end of your life, can there be any more lasting legacy than inspiring your kids to replicate the parenting relationship style that you provided? So, take a deep breath, jump right in, and really explore my web site.


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