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When you leave the altar--DON'T BLINK!
Marital Expectations
Marriage Nightmare
The Masked Man
Finding A New Love
How To Talk To Women
Why Men Need Male Friends
In search of a good man (for women)
Husbands & Other Villains
Little Jester (poem)
One Of the Boys
He's Hopeless


Other articles

That Man Is a Success
A Good Marriage
10 Stupid Things Men Do
To Let Go
Assertive Bill Of Rights
Snow Child (poem)
A Visit To The Guru (humor)


A few book suggestions

CARE OF THE SOUL by Thomas Moore A guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life.

WHEREVER YOU GO THERE-THERE YOU ARE by John Kabat-Zin. A warm and useful guide for living in the moment and handling the hassles of everyday life.

GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT by Harville Hendrix. Harville provides the most useful guide that I know of to co-create a great marriage.

KEEPING THE LOVE YOU FIND by Harville Hendrix. An equally useful guide for singles who are seeking to get into a successful relationship.

THE HEART AROUSED by David White. David is a poet and also consults with companies on how to humanize the workplace. He write very inspirationally about finding comfort and soulfulness in our work.

ARE YOU THE ONE FOR ME? by Barbara DeAngelis. The one book that can help people to succeed at finding a good partner (and avoid a painful disaster).

WHAT MEN WANT & THE HAZARDS OF BEING MALE by Herb Goldberg. Herb is the best writer I know of who clearly explains the common problems facing men. His writing about the benefits available to men who are willing to face the truth, is supremely inspirational. His earlier books are available from

EMBRACING OURSELVES by Hal and Sidra Stone. The authors show a way to make peace with all of the"subpersonalities" that often are at odds within us and can cause us great distress if they are not balanced.

PIGS IN HEAVEN by Barbara Kingsolver (fiction). A wonderful story that you'll wish to share with all of your friends.


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